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Contemporary medicine places ever higher demands on optimizing the use of technologies, but also on the correct interdisciplinary coordination of individual diagnostic and therapeutic steps.

The collaboration between pulmonary endoscopy, acute medicine, and thoracic surgery is becoming closer, but the information linkage between the disciplines sometimes falls short of the need. We have therefore decided to link the meeting program of the Bronchology Section of the ČSPF, members of the CSARIM, who routinely meet in their work with pulmonary endoscopy, and thoracic surgeons dealing with the surgical treatment of the large airways. This first Czech interdisciplinary congress dedicated to the respiratory tract should help develop new endoscopic and surgical technologies/procedures, but should also try to bring together disciplines dealing with similar problems and improve the possibilities for their cooperation.

The congress will also include lectures by opinion leaders from abroad, there will be workshops, pro/con sections, a program of nurses, free communications, and video broadcasts.

Associate Professor Jiří Votruba, MD, PhD
Professor Robert Lischke, MD, PhD
Professor Pavel Michálek, MD, PhD, DESA, MSc


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